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Let’s create great places to work together.

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Studer Community Institute’s mission is to improve the quality of life in our community. By helping businesses improve their organizations and the skillsets of their workforce, we are also helping business grow jobs and retain top talent.

EntreCon® started as a two-day conference for entrepreneurs in 2015. SCI founder Quint Studer had the vision to bring a high-end conference for business owners at an affordable price to the Gulf Coast. It didn’t seem right that a small business owner had to travel to big cities like Atlanta or New York to be inspired by fresh ideas and learn the latest tactics and strategies for success, so we brought it to Pensacola.

Over the last four years, the community has transformed EntreCon® into a conference for not just entrepreneurs, but for business owners, leaders and employees alike. EntreCon® provides attendees with a front-row seat to both local and national speakers, practical knowledge and tools, and first-class networking within our community.

Be a part of the movement: Let’s create great places to work together.


With past headliners like best-selling author Jon Gordon, hometown entrepreneur Emily Ley and Simon Sinek faculty Kristen Hadeed, EntreCon® brings speakers from around the nation to Pensacola.

With topics that pertain to every business leader no matter the industry, the tactical breakout sessions at EntreCon® are sure to leave you with action items you can implement as soon as you return to the office.

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